The Lava Lake is a room in Metroid Prime in the Magmoor Caverns. This room has two parts that are similar in appearance, the second smaller than the first. Both are lava-filled areas with a few platforms for passage across, and contain multiple Puffers and a Grapple Point for easier crossing later on. The first room from the Lake Tunnel door contains two Magmoors and a Chozo Artifact inside a rock spire in the centre. The two parts of this room are joined by a small tunnel that Samus can only use via Morph Ball; several sandstone blockages inside need to be destroyed with bombs.

Connecting roomsEdit



Chozo artifact magmoor 2

Samus reveals the Artifact of Nature.

Artifact of Nature
To obtain this, the central pillar in the part of the room connected to Lake Tunnel must be destroyed. This can be achieved using two Missiles or a single Super Missile. The artifact, once revealed, can be accessed using the Space Jump Boots.


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