Lava Lake Ridley's Lair

A portion of the Lava Lake's summit, submerged in magma.

The Lava Lake[1] is a room near the lowest point of Ridley's Lair in Super Metroid, close to the chamber where he is fought.


The room is composed primarily of jagged cave rock, but it also houses structural ruins of Chozo origin. When Samus enters the Lava Lake for the first time, an earthquake will occur. Acid begins to rise from the ground, and Samus is forced to quickly ascend the room to avoid being engulfed in it. The substance is a very potent version of magma unlike that of the higher areas in Norfair; the Gravity Suit cannot protect Samus from damage if she falls into this Acid. Ascension is achieved by a combination of the Screw Attack and Space Jump, as well as use of midair platforms. If Samus returns to this room later from the other entrance, it will remain filled to the brim with magma apart from the highest platform, making it very risky to attempt to go back through the other door.



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