Lava Processor

The Lava Processors are a pair of objects in the Processor Core room on Alinos. They are towering structures that feature two alcoves on the sides which Samus can jump into. The processors process substances extracted from beneath the planet's crust. Processor 02, however, is operating at minimum capacity by the time Samus arrives. There is also a Backup Processor that is incomplete and deconstructed for maintenance. This is evident in that the middle is open, with a Jump Pad that Samus and rival Bounty Hunters or Guardians can use.

Logbook entryEdit

Lava Processor 01

Logbook entry

Utilizes orogenic activity for treatment and processing of igneous material.

Lava Processor 02

Logbook entry

Operating at minimum capacity.

Backup Processor

Logbook entry

Deconstructed for maintenance, apparently incomplete.


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