Leviathan Access Portal is a room in Pirate Command on the Pirate Homeworld. It appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


The room is cylindrical in shape, featured two force fields, one that covers the Warp Site that serves as the transportation to the Leviathan Battleship, and the other blocking a Grapple Voltage Terminal overloaded with energy. Behind the portal is grating on the wall that is weakened Talloric Alloy. If Samus Bombs it, she will be taken behind the force field covering the Terminal and be able to drain it with the Grapple Voltage. This will disable both force fields.

Connecting roomsEdit


"Grating is covering vent duct. Scans indicate that the Talloric Alloy within the grating has weakened."
Grapple Voltage Terminal
"Terminal is powering the energy shield covering the transportation portal."
Warp Site Hologram
"Primary warp system online. Access to orbiting Leviathan granted. Enter hologram to initiate warp."
Warp Site
"Transportation portal online. Connection to orbiting Leviathan has been established."

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