You can even surround yourself with lightning that negates damage and deflects enemies.

Yoshio Sakamoto

Lightning Armor

Lightning Armor is the second Aeion ability in Metroid: Samus Returns. It is acquired in Area 2. It imbues Samus's Power Suit with an electric green aura, which protects her from attacks and external damage, and is particularly useful when running through Red plants or Fleech Swarms. Any attacks sustained by the shield will deplete the Aeion Gauge instead of Samus's energy. The ability also greatly increases the range of Melee Counters, known as a Lightning Counter. However, the Lightning Armor does not protect Samus from lava or the purple liquid.

Official dataEdit


"Absorb damage with an electrical barrier."


"Select with [D-pad left]. Surrounds Samus with an electrical shield, preventing physical damage. It also powers up the Melee Counter to a Lightning Counter by increasing its range.

  • Aeion is expended when damage is absorbed, or when a Lightning Counter connects."

Aeion AbilitiesEdit

"Lightning Armor creates a protective electric barrier. Aeion is consumed anytime it prevents physical damage. Also strengthens Melee Counters. Pree [left on D-pad] to equip. Press [A] while equipped to activate. Press [A] again to deactivate."