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This is a list of all creatures, lore, research and their locations in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

Please note that this mark: * - means that there is a limit of time to scan the object or creature before it is no longer available.


Galactic FederationEdit



Space PirateEdit



  • *Aurora Unit (Phaaze - Sanctum)
  • *Berserker Lord (GFS Olympus - Docking Bay 5, SkyTown - Turbine Chamber)
  • *Dark Samus (Phaaze - Sanctum)
  • *Defense Drone (SkyTown - Ballista Storage)
  • *Gandrayda (Pirate Homeworld - Proving Grounds)
  • *Ghor (SkyTown - Main Docking Bay)
  • *Helios (Elysia - Elysian Leviathan Core)
  • *Korakk Beast (Bryyo - Jousting Field)
  • *Meta Ridley (Norion - Generator Shaft)
  • *Metroid Hatcher (Pirate Homeworld - Metroid Creche, Norion - Generator B, GFS Valhalla - Aurora Chamber)
  • *Mogenar (Bryyo - Bryyo Leviathan Core)
  • *Omega Ridley (Pirate Homeworld - Pirate Homeworld Leviathan Core)
  • *Rundas (Bryyo - Temple of Bryyo)
  • *Steamlord (SkyTown - Hub Access, Barracks Access, Steambot Barracks, Skybridge Hera, Ballista Storage)



Galactic Federation DataEdit

Bryyo DataEdit

SkyTown DataEdit

  • Creators (SkyTown - Main Docking Bay)
  • Gift (SkyTown - Arrival Station)
  • Discovery (SkyTown - Barracks Lift)
  • Alone (SkyTown - Landing Site A)
  • Slumber (SkyTown - Ballista Lift)
  • Federation (SkyTown - Maintenance Shaft TR)
  • Agreement (SkyTown - Federation Landing Site)
  • Aurora (SkyTown - Broken Lift)
  • Loss (SkyTown - Concourse Access B)
  • Phazon (SkyTown - Construction Bay)
  • Invader (SkyTown - Hoverplat Docking Site)
  • Defeat (SkyTown - Powerworks)

Space Pirate DataEdit

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