There are a number of version differences between the PAL and NTSC versions of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, as well as the Metroid Prime Trilogy version of the same game. The Trilogy version uses most of the PAL differences (effectively retconning the NTSC version) and contains additional differences.

Changes made to the Japanese versionEdit

  • During the Norion countdown, "Meteor impact in [# of minutes, up to 4] minutes" will flash onscreen in red text for every minute that passes.

Changes made to the PAL versionEdit

Changes made to the Trilogy versionEdit

  • The Bryyo main theme has been extended.
  • The Reptilicus Hunter battle theme has been modified to include the clacking and clanking beat heard in the slightly-different Defense Drone theme.
  • The first few seconds of the Space Pirate battle theme played when fighting them at the Temple of Bryyo are louder.
  • Music available in the Soundtrack Gallery has been changed.
  • The "Armored Pirate" in Concourse no longer has a separate Logbook entry or grants an extraneous Red Credit.
  • Three of the Galactic Federation Data locations were changed.
  • The inactive terminal in Data Storage B on Norion can now be scanned, providing the codes to hear the secret messages on the Transmission Console in Samus' gunship.
  • The Piston Hall in Eastern SkyTown no longer has Sky Puffers, and now has an alternating energy shield blocking the north side of the room.
  • The final scene in the SkyTown migration cutscene has been changed to a lower, wider shot of the facility moving towards the Leviathan Seed (it was originally a top-down distant view).
  • When Dark Samus is defeated, the sound heard when receiving her Gold Credit is now the same as when other bosses are killed; before, it was the same sound when receiving a Friend Voucher.

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