Most Metroid games have featured endings that are received based on difficulty level, game completion, and/or play time. Metroid Prime Pinball and Metroid: Other M do not feature endings in the traditional sense, although Zero Suit Samus is playable during the countdown in the latter.

It is tradition for Samus to remove her Power Suit and reveal her true self in the Justin Bailey, Ending Outfit or Zero Suit in the best endings, which also say "See you next mission" when the item percentage and completion time are displayed.


Samus stands on the surface of Zebes in all endings while performing one of several actions.

Metroid II: Return of SamusEdit

Samus runs throughout the credits, jumps high, and lands, with either one of these events occuring.

Super MetroidEdit

Samus will either remain suited, flip up her helmet or remove her Power Suit entirely, and then jump up offscreen, before falling down and firing a blast.

Shortly before this, she is forced to escape Zebes, and she has the option of saving the trapped Dachoras and Etecoons. If she does, a white light will be seen leaving the exploding planet.

Metroid FusionEdit

Spanish Fusion End Title

An ending score in the Spanish version of Fusion.

Samus, in her "Unnamed Suit", will be shown in various poses, before one of the following ending pictures appears:

Japanese endingsEdit

The Japanese versions contains an additional set of endings that show images of Samus' past rather than the adult Samus in revealing attire. These are shown when the game is cleared with Child Mode. Linking to Metroid: Zero Mission with the Game Boy Advance Game Link cable will unlock all endings, including Japanese-only endings, for a special gallery.

Metroid PrimeEdit

All endings depict Samus standing atop her Gunship, looking at the destroyed Artifact Temple with her helmet removed. Also, back at the Impact Crater, Dark Samus is born from Metroid Prime's remains.

Metroid: Zero MissionEdit

Samus will stand against a space background in various poses before clenching her fist. Each ending, upon acquisition, will be added to a gallery in the menu. The endings for Metroid Fusion can be unlocked by linking the two games with the Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance Cable.

Metroid Prime HuntersEdit

These endings are not affected by item percentage or clear time, rather, by fulfilling the Alimbic Prophecy and defeating Gorea's second form.

Metroid Prime 2: EchoesEdit

Samus will wave farewell to the Luminoth before reaching her Gunship. However, after Samus leaves Aether, Dark Samus can be seen forming in the midst of space.

Metroid Prime 3: CorruptionEdit

Samus will appear out of nowhere when it appears she had been lost in the destruction of Phaaze. She then heads to SkyTown, Elysia to mourn her fallen comrades before heading off into the unknown. Meanwhile, a mysterious spacecraft appears and follows Samus. The identity of this craft's pilot was confirmed to be Sylux from Metroid Prime Hunters at E3 2015.[1] Kensuke Tanabe, the producer of the Metroid Prime series, expressed interest in creating a future Prime game which continues the rivalry between Samus and Sylux. This game would involve the Galactic Federation, whose role is to be expanded upon in Metroid Prime: Federation Force.

Metroid: Other MEdit

As stated, there are no traditional endings in Other M. However, Samus will congratulate the player in voiceover on the item percentage screen. Depending on their final percentage, these messages are heard:

  • "Well done!" (25%-50%)
  • "Good job!" (51%-75%)
  • "Excellent!" (76%-99%)
  • "Perfect! Congratulations!" (100%)

Metroid Prime: Federation ForceEdit

Sylux in Federation Force

In this game's ending, an individual resembling Sylux breaks into a Galactic Federation facility and observes a Metroid hatching from its egg. This is a post-credits scene that appears if the bonus objective in M17: Infestation is complete. The bonus objective is to capture one Metroid Egg per player.


  • Some endings may have been inspired by that of Alien and Aliens, films which heavily influenced Metroid. At the end of both films, the female protagonist, Ripley, is scantily clad as she prepares for hypersleep.
  • The Super Metroid ending is mirrored in Samus' congratulations montage in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. In one scene, Samus is seen jumping up offscreen, and falling back down in her Zero Suit form, clad in her Ending Outfit from Fusion.
  • The endings of Metroid games are referenced in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U in the loading screen Smash Tips: "Multiple Endings – In the original Metroid, the ending would change slightly depending on your clear time. The better endings revealed the secret of Samus's identity!"


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