This is a list of rooms that appear in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.


Temple GroundsEdit

Splinter Hive (South Area)Edit

GFMC Area (East Area)Edit

Ruins Area (West Area)Edit

Great TempleEdit

Agon WastesEdit

Mining Area (West Area)Edit

Space Pirate mining facility (East Area)Edit

Torvus BogEdit

Bog Area (Surface Level)Edit

Submerged LevelEdit

Sanctuary FortressEdit

Lower LevelEdit

Upper LevelEdit

Aerie AreaEdit

Dark AetherEdit

Dark Agon WastesEdit

Open AreaEdit

Caverns AreaEdit

Dark TorvusEdit

Surface AreaEdit

Subterrean AreaEdit

Ing HiveEdit

Lower LevelEdit

Upper LevelEdit

Sky Temple GroundsEdit

North AreaEdit

South AreaEdit

West AreaEdit

Sky TempleEdit

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