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Lone Wolf is a MOD that can be collected in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. It is only available in single player mode, and cannot be used when playing co-op games. When used, this MOD increases damage dealt to enemies and decreases damage to Mechs. This gives an advantage as the Campaign becomes more difficult if played alone. The MOD is "unbreakable", meaning it is permanent and can be reused. Each mission has a points bonus if the Lone Wolf MOD is not used, but it is still possible to get all three score medals with Lone Wolf equipped in some missions, if the target time and bonus objective for the mission are met.

"Mech damage output is doubled, while incoming damage is halved. Strongly recommended for solo play."

Lone Wolf Unused bonusEdit

Below is a table showing the bonuses that can be earned in each mission for completing it without equipping the Lone Wolf MOD when playing solo. Note that the point amounts vary between Normal Mode and Hard Mode.

Mission Bonus
M01: Outpost 13,000 (Normal)
10,000 (Hard)
M02: Hardball 4,000
M03: Smokestack 6,000
M04: Containment 10,000
M05: Excavation 6,000
M06: Infiltration 9,000 (Normal)
14,000 (Hard)
M07: Cauldron 5,000
M08: Dustoff 8,000
M09: Blender 4,500
M10: Black Hole 14,000
M11: Uplink 8,000
M12: Last Stand 4,000
M13: Phantom 7,000 (Normal)
11,000 (Hard)
M14: Tremor 12,000
M15: Mother Lode 9,000 (Normal)
6,000 (Hard)
M16: Slipstream 7,000
M17: Infestation 15,000
M18: Hightower 15,000 (Normal)
19,000 (Hard)
M19: Incursion 15,000
M20: Insurrection 8,000
M21: The Core 20,000
M22: Convergence 12,000