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When I first modelled the Varia suit it was under a very tight deadline and as I finished each part of the suit another artist Rodney Brunet would paint the texture plus another artist Ludovic Texier created the gun arm of Samus. The deadline was so tight because model had to be complete so it could be rigged and animated. At the time the goal was to make sure we could create this cool movie for E3 when Nintendo would announce that we were creating Metroid. So at that time we simply had to take the old Samus Varia suit and just recreate it so we could get the E3 movie done.

Mike Sneath[1]


The original Samus model.

Ludovic Texier is a French video game developer. He created the Arm Cannon of the early Varia Suit model for Metroid Prime, which was designed by Mike Sneath and skinned by Rodney Brunet. This model was later scrapped entirely and replaced. In addition, Texier contributed to modeling, texturing and lighting of environments. He worked at Retro Studios from November 1999 — November 2001, and is not credited in the final game. Since leaving Retro, Texier has gone on to work at Widescreen Games (as part of Dead to Rights II), UFO Games and Magiko Gaming. He is currently the senior technical artist at Ubisoft, where he began working in 2010.

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