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Official artwork
Featured in Metroid Prime
Known locales Impact Crater
Known worlds Tallon IV
Attacks none; swarm
Weakness(es) wide-radius explosions to take out the swarm

Lumigek are a species of small Phazon-charged reptiles that resemble geckos.

As with other small creatures like Parasites, Lumigeks travel in swarms to give them a better chance of survival. They have the ability to absorb and radiate Phazon, making them even more threatening. Lumigeks are completely resistant to the damaging effects of Red Phazon, which is found in abundance in the Impact Crater of Tallon IV.

Lumigeks appear briefly in Metroid Prime; they are located in the Crater Tunnel A of the Impact Crater. According to their scan, they are not from Phaaze, and are actually native to Tallon IV. Despite this, they are not encountered anywhere else other than Crater Tunnel A.

Logbook entryEdit

Metroid Prime "Morphology: Lumigek. Phazon-charged reptiles. Natives of Tallon IV, the Lumigeks travel in swarms to increase their odds of survival. They absorb and radiate Phazon energy, making these swarms a threat."


"Lumigek" seems to be derived from the words "luminous", (meaning to give off light) and a corruption of the word "Gecko" (which the Lumigek resembles), a small to average sized lizard belonging to the family Gekkonidae, found in warm climates throughout Earth.


  • Very similar to the final phases of Dark Samus in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, the skin of the Lumigek is transparent, revealing the internal organs. Gandrayda's skin is also transparent, allowing her bones to be seen.
  • Their index level is implied to be at least P if not higher, as they were seen crawling through the Red Phazon without any harm, which Samus's scan visor mentioned that any unshielded lifeform that is below Index Level P will suffer fatality within moments.
  • The Phazon Leeches, Scorchbugs and Scritters seem to play the same role as the Lumigeks; they are all swarm creatures that can inhabit the insides of Leviathans. However, this is only true if the interior of the Impact Crater from the first Metroid Prime game is indeed part, or remnants, of Tallon IV's Leviathan.
  • The Lumigeks, or a species similar to them, may have originally been planned to appear in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption; an unused and mostly unfinished creature scan within the game's code contains the name Salamander.

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