Gathering Hall upper area Dolphin HD

Luminescent cylinders appear in the Gathering Hall of the Chozo Ruins. Their exact purpose is unknown, although it is likely a decorative one. These cylinders give off a glowing red light and when scanned are said to be operating at 80% efficiency.

They are of some use to Samus. At the top of the room, she can jump on top of either of these cylinders and then use the Space Jump Boots to reach a ledge above the Door to the Furnace. In a small alcove behind a wall of Sandstone on this ledge is a Missile Expansion, which can be reached using Bombs. It is also possible, but more difficult, for Samus to reach the Expansion without the Space Jump Boots by using a well-timed Bomb Jump.


"Luminescent cylinders functioning at 80%."

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