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Luminoth alpha thought
Luminoth Distress Signal Thought Cluster.
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The Luminoth language is a three-dimensional written language. It uses a system of dots and lines on a 3-D grid to represent various English letters. A single word forms one cluster of these lines and dots. Letters are connected to each other by a bright dot that is part of both letters. Luminoth "writing" can be seen on Luminoth Lore Projectors in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and in Luminoth Lore.

When U-Mos first updates Samus Aran's Translator Module, she is able to access various devices and Translator Doors with violet holograms. The holograms of deceased sentinels of various temples later provide her with access to the other color codes.


Metroid-prime-2-echoes-20041021102553484 640w
Randomizer "?"
  • Several plants and carvings (such as on elevators) can be found that resemble this language.
  • Randomizers contain what appear to be a question mark styled in the Luminoth language. The shape actually suggests symbol of the letter "N" on closer inspection.
  • Metroid Metal's Varia Suite album is titled in the Luminoth language.
  • It is unknown whether or not the language corresponds to the vocalizations made by U-Mos.
  • In Metroid Prime: Episode of Aether, U-Mos' text is in a fancier font than other text.
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