Ahh. No dice! I think our only option is to use the laser to slowly burn our way through. This is gonna take a while...

—Lyle Smithsonian

Lyle Smithsonian (ライアル・スミソニアン Raiaru Sumisonian?) is a character from Metroid: Other M, serving as a Galactic Federation soldier part of Adam Malkovich's 07th Platoon.


Lyle is described as a special ops member and is seen to be in charge of demolition assignments. He plays a role in the cutscene before the fight with the Brug Mass, where he kicks a Brug and shoots it repeatedly until his comrade James Pierce instructs him to stop. This unusual behavior suggests that he suffers from Entomophobia, or a fear of insects. This is especially ironic, as he later seems heroic and brave when suggesting to the rest of the Platoon that they burn their way through a Red Blast Shield on the Bottle Ship. He is later ordered by Adam to investigate the Biosphere, later followed by Samus by Adam's order as Lyle secures a "facility of interest".

When the 07th Platoon and Samus meet up in the Exam Center, Lyle is the only one missing. The other members assume he's just late, though unfortunately he never shows. Shortly after the Mystery Creature flees from a battle with 07th platoon, the other soldiers discover his body torn to shreds by an unknown monster. It is likely that this was a result of Little birdie eating parts of his body (as its blood is trailed from Lyle's corpse), which led to Little Birdie molting into his adolescent form.

It is speculated that the Deleter was the one who killed him, as he blew up the Exam Center; he may have hid the body from everyone else and stripped his explosives to perform the action. Following this theory, it would seem likely that Little Birdie later came across his corpse by luck, and wasted no time in consuming him. This would explain how Lyle, the first to Sector 1, was not the first to arrive at the Exam Center.

Official dataEdit


Lyle demonstrating his hatred of insects.


"Lyle Smithsonian [Special Ops Soldier]
<Battle Code Number>
<Service Record>
Galactic Federation Academy,
Training Base #3
Special Ops Training Center
Galactic Federation, 07th Platoon
ID: 2537-07:51290"


"Investigating the BOTTLE SHIP under Adam's command after receiving the distress signal."
After Brug Mass
"Currently investigating Sector 1 under Adam's command."
After System Management Room
"Currently securing a route to a facility in Sector 1 under Adam's command."
After King Kihunter, before Mystery Creature
"Currently heading toward the Exam Center in Sector 1 under Adam's command."
After Mystery Creature
"Found killed in the vicinity of the Exam Center in Sector 1."


  • When Lyle's body is initially discovered, it cannot be seen because of the rest of the 07th Platoon blocking it from sight. However, it can be examined if Samus goes back to it and looks at it in Search View afterwards.
  • It is possible that Lyle's corpse, along with Maurice Favreau's and James Pierce's bodies, were taken by the Galactic Federation to be given a proper burial prior to the post-credits sequence. However, this cannot be confirmed as the Biosphere Test Area cannot be accessed in the post-credits.
  • There are numerous flowers around Lyle's body, causing the scene to look like a funeral of sorts.



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