Magma Voldrums are a type of Voldrum encountered on Alinos and the Vesper Defense Outpost in the Alimbic Cluster. Like all Voldrums, they are spherical ground-based combat robots equipped with two large guns on each side of an omnidirectional wheel. A Magma Voldrum is rust-colored, with a blue wheel, and as the name implies fires a projectile vaguely resembling a charged affinity Magmaul shot from each gun, although these projectiles follow a linear trajectory and use a different animation. Like Spire and all other users of superheated weaponry, a Magma Voldrum is immune to all varients of its own weapons system, but extremely vulnerable to the Judicator. All other weapons damage it normally.

Logbook entryEdit

Magma Voldrum

Metroid Prime Hunters

Logbook entry

Another modification of Voldrum technology. Its high operating temperature causes reduced defensive capability against subzero weaponry.

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