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The main theme of Magmoor Caverns appears in Metroid Prime, and is a remix of the "Norfair Ancient Ruins Area" music heard in Lower Norfair in Super Metroid. The theme was remixed again for the Bryyo Fire area in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and the multiplayer menu in Metroid Prime Pinball, instead of the table based on the Magmoor Caverns itself. The original Magmoor Caverns theme is also one of the songs available for purchase in Metroid Prime Trilogy's Soundtrack Gallery. Metroid: Samus Returns features another remix of this song, in superheated areas.

The original theme from Super Metroid can be found here, the theme from Prime here, the theme from Corruption here, and the theme from Pinball here.


The theme of Lower Norfair begins its motif in C Phrygian, continues to play the same motif in D# Phrygian, F# Phrygian, and A Phrygian, the key in which the rest of the piece is set. It also featured repetitive synthesized chants that progressively grow louder.


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