The Main Boiler Control room is a small room at the very bottom of Sector 3 of the Biologic Space Laboratories research station, as seen in Metroid Fusion. When Samus Aran is on the station, the Main Boiler's cooling unit malfunctions, which could destroy the entire research station as it would likely trigger the auto-destruct explosives on the station. Adam believes the SA-X is to blame.[1]

Samus has six minutes to reach the area from Sector 5. Once she arrives in the room, she finds a scientist operating the controls. When she fires at him, he transforms into a Core-X. Once she defeats it, Samus obtains the Wide Beam. She then uses the controls to fix the cooling unit, saving the station.

At the next Navigation Room, Adam tells Samus that the X can absorb the memories and knowledge of their prey, showing them to be intelligent organisms. Adam also states that he thinks the X now believe Samus is a significant threat, even to the parasites still on SR388.[2]


  1. ^ Adam: Emergency in Sector 3 (PYR). The area could melt down soon. It seems the Main Boiler's cooling unit is malfunctioning. This could easily destroy the entire research station, as it would likely trigger the auto-destruct explosives. We have about 6 minutes. Hurry to Sector 3 and access the Control Room to the side of the Main Boiler room. Most of the systems in PYR are down because of this... Again, we know who to blame. The SA-X must have hacked into the system control file. What impressive intelligence.Nintendo R&D1. Metroid Fusion. Nintendo. English. 2002-11-17.
  2. ^ Adam: The X mimicked a crew member... It all makes sense now. The X can absorb the memories and knowledge of their prey. What an astounding find. HQ was very impressed. But don't you find it strange? This could have destroyed the station with the X in it, not to mention to SA-X. Unusual for a self-preserving species like the X. Unless... Your presence is an even greater threat, a threat to the existence of X elsewhere... This is only a hypothesis... Perhaps... Their survival instinct is in conflict with their newly-borrowed intelligence... Don't let your guard down yet. The X are still a threat.Nintendo R&D1. Metroid Fusion. Nintendo. English. 2002-11-17.

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