The Map Facility is a room in the Frigate Orpheon in Metroid Prime. As Samus enters the room, a cutscene plays, showing a number of Parasites leaving through a low tunnel in the wall. Entering this leads to another part of the room, which contains, as its name suggests, a Map Station, besides a few scannable panels. When Samus enters the room, the Parasites are gone.

Connecting roomsEdit




Orpheon map station


"Ventilation tunnel to Navigation room."
Map Station
"Map Station
Walk into Map Station holograms to download a map of the area you're in."
Computer screen
"Parasitic infestation has been detected in the ventilation systems of Decks Gamma and Beta."
Map station orpheon samus download dolphin HD

Samus downloads the Orpheon's map data.

Computer screen
"Two Parasite Queen specimens have become volatile on Deck Beta.
All security personnel should report to the Biotech Research Area."
Computer screen
"Frigate exterior hull stable and fully functional."
Computer screen
"Tallon IV Ground Zero area secure. Crater radiation readings normal."


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