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Mark Pacini was the lead designer on the Metroid Prime project. A notable creation of his in the game is the Parasite Queen. He has since left Retro Studios, along with Todd Keller and Jack Matthews, to found an independent game development studio, Armature Studio. Pacini has stated that he chose to separate from Retro because he felt limited by Nintendo's influence, but that he was still on good terms with Nintendo and Retro. He has also admitted that he is unable to enjoy the Prime series, due to the depth of his involvement with their creation- he was only able to see the mistakes made in development when playing them, and as such he avoided playing them after they were released.[1]

In the beta version of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, a Federation Marine named M. Pacini appeared, likely in reference to Mark Pacini. This character was later renamed to T. Huxley.

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