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Matt Manchester

Recreation of original Metroid sprite in NES cartridges done prior to employment at Retro Studios. Later donated to the company, where it now resides.[2]

Matt Manchester is an environment artist who worked for Retro Studios.

Work at Retro StudiosEdit

In July 2005, Matt moved to Austin, Texas to work for Retro Studios.

Works of his in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption include Substations East and West, Gateway Hall, G.F.S. Theseus, North and South Jungle Halls, Fiery Airdock, Imperial Hall, Gel Processing Site, Main Lift, Main Docking Access, Powerworks, Concourse Ventilation, Main Docking Bay, Maintenance Shafts AU, CC, GP, OB and TR, Save Station B, Metroid Processing, Creche Transit, Phazon Quarry, Defense Access, and all Dioramas but the one depicting Meta Ridley. Some room features created by him include the celestial clocks, Zebetite-like tubes, Korba, ceremonial armor, and several backstories for features in rooms such as Metroid Processing and Imperial Hall. Some of these made it into the game, while most of it was scrapped.


Here are several pieces made by Matt:

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