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Mechanical gate (Lift Hub)

Lift Hub

Mechanical gates are twisting gate mechanisms present on the Pirate Homeworld. One appears in the Lift Hub of Pirate Command. It is unable to be opened from that side, and is drenched in Acid Rain. Samus must enter the Lift Hub from the other side of this gate (through Transit Station 3-B), and use a Bomb Slot. This releases four clamps on the gate and causes it to twist around.

Another gate appears in Security Air Lock. It is locked in place by a lock system that can only be disengaged with the X-Ray Visor. This visor allows Samus to shoot all five locks when they flash red. Once the gate is unlocked, yellow circles appear where the locks were, and a Ball Clamp appears at the base of the gate. A Missile Expansion can also be collected here. Using the clamp twists the gate around and releases Samus, who can then enter the Lift Hub from the first floor.


Lift Hub
"This mechanical gate cannot be opened from this side of the room."
Security Air Lock
"Mechanical gate locked in place. Use of an advanced visor system is required to disengage locks."


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