MedLab Delta is one of the MedLabs aboard the G.F.S. Olympus in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. This served as the MedLab Samus Aran slept in during her month-long coma after Dark Samus had corrupted her and the Bounty Hunters on Norion. When Samus awoke, a Female Fleet Trooper notified her of the happenings since the Norion attack, and explained the new PED Suit installed in Samus's Varia Suit. After letting Samus test Hypermode, she sends her to Aurora Unit 242.

The room contains the GF Mk VI Biopod, which Samus was treated in during her coma. It also contains a hatch on the floor which lets Hypermode-vulnerable material out into a spherical formation, which allows the testing of Hypermode while in the pod. There is also a Biopod Control Platform from which a Fleet Trooper can monitor said Biopod and watch the testing of Hypermode in the safety of an energy shield. Additionally, on both sides of the MedLab are enclosed spaces with monitors; underneath the northern station are stations with Galactic Federation Phazon and Phazon Enhancement Device files.

Fleet Trooper dialogueEdit

She's coming to. Can you hear me, Samus?

Vital signs are stable.

Welcome back, Samus. You've been asleep for quite some time--a month, to be exact. We feared we'd lost you.

Thanks to your great work, Norion is now safe.

At the end of the battle we found you and the other Hunters all unconscious. Our medical examinations then yielded surprising results: Your bodies are now, somehow, self-generating Phazon.

What's even stranger is that there are no negative effects to your health. This led us to investigate if we could make effective use of this Phazon.

During the invasion on Norion, you must have noticed some powerful troopers in new suits. They were wearing what we call Phazon Enhancement Devices, or PEDs.

We integrated the same Phazon Enhancement Device into your armor while repairing your damaged bodysuit.

Troopers wearing this device have Phazon pumped to their weapons from an external backpack. This gives them an extra boost in firepower.

But in your case, think about it. With this Phazon coursing through your body, you can fuel the PED using your own internal energy. Pretty effective, don't you think? Why don't you try the PED now?

Seal the room.

Initiate PED program.

You must have noticed during this test that Hypermode possesses devastating power.

Over the past month, we've learned the hard way just how powerful our enemies are. To deal with them, you'll need the firepower of the PED Suit. Make good use of it.

Now that you are familiar with the workings of the PED device, the Aurora Unit 242 would like to meet with you. There are many pressing matters to discuss. The AU chamber is located just off the Command Bridge.

You better get going. Good luck!

Oh, and one more thing: after 25 seconds, the safety feature automatically ends Hypermode. You'll have to keep paying attention.

—Female Fleet Trooper

Connecting roomsEdit



Ped med pod

Samus awakens after the incident at Norion.

GF Mk VI Biopod
"GF Mk VI Biopod. Status normal. Unit is used to perform medical procedures of extreme difficulty."
Biopod Control Platform
"Biopod Control Platform. Federation medics use this during procedures involving the biopod."
"Phazon is a substance of extragalactic origin. It is a highly radioactive ore with extreme mutagenic properties. It has certain biological qualities, including the ability to reproduce itself. Exposure to Phazon often affects the brains of sentient beings, causing erratic, destructive behavior. It is also a potent source of energy, surpassing even Fuel Gel in pure output potential. It must be handled carefully, as it can cause “Phazon sickness” if used incorrectly."
Phazon Enhancement Device
"The Phazon Enhancement Device is designed to harness the energy of Phazon minerals, originally discovered on Aether, for a new Federation weapon system. It is being tested on GF Marine battalion stationed in the Norion system. Marines can initiate an energy siphon from a supply of Phazon carried in a backpack into their armorsuits. This allows them to temporarily enhance the exoskeleton and weapon systems to their armorsuits. To date, no marines have displayed signs of “Phazon sickness."


  • The Female Fleet Trooper in the room has been theorized to be the 'Doctor Wells' mentioned in messages over the Olympus intercom by 242.


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