Medusa Ray

The Medusa Ray is a weapon that Samus Aran owns in the Captain N: The Game Master comics.

Found on a "dead planet", the bulky cannon is stored in Samus's storage room at The Locker. It can be used to turn a person into stone, or (potentially) reverse the process, as the real Medusa had turned Kid Icarus into stone. While Samus was not completely certain that the weapon could perform a reversal when they were retrieving it, Kid is seen as normal throughout the remainder of the series (implying that it succeeded in undoing the spell). After Lana discovers that Samus possessed the Flame Chip, which was a reward for s/he who kidnapped her father, she pursues the bounty hunter to the docking bays where she attempts to use the ray on her for revenge, although she finds herself unable to do so, as seen in the picture to the right.

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