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A Memu concept art for Metroid.

Menu (Memu in earlier media) are creatures found on Zebes in Kraid's Lair. They also appear as X Parasite mimics in Sector 6 on the Biologic Space Laboratories research station.[1] They are similar to Mellows and Mellas. In Super Metroid they are found in Maridia and are not present in Metroid: Zero Mission despite the original Metroid featuring them in Kraid's Lair. This change might have been done in order to keep in line with Super Metroid's take on Memu's natural habitat being Maridia only (an area not visited in Zero Mission).

Official dataEdit

Metroid manualEdit

Metroid Enemy Memu
"They can pass through rocks and walls. Be careful as they fall on Samus in groups. They are the weakest enemy in the hideout, so it's up to you to destroy them."

1986 mangaEdit

"Attacks Samus in a swarm. Be careful, as they can slip through rocks and walls!"

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's GuideEdit

Enemy Data Description
Color HP ATK E BE M SM PB Maridia. Small, quick, and very pesky, they will swarm at you.
Normal 100 60 27 8 31 2 0




Several Menu-X in Fusion.

  • It is unknown whether they are organic creatures or in fact mechanoids: some concept art strongly suggests the latter, although the presence of Menu-X adds support to the former (as the X usually cannot mimic mechanical devices).
  • The "Memu", as it was called at the time, had the most appearances in Captain N: The Game Master comics out of all Metroid series enemies, likely due to its simple design.
  • The Menu is similiar to the Holtz in four ways. They are both flying creatures, they both have the same body shape, they both have appendages near the top of their bodies that seem to allow them to fly, and they both have one eye in the center of their bodies. It is possible that Menus are young Holtz, or that the two species are related somehow.