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Official artwork for a Metaree.
Featured in Super Metroid
Known locales Brinstar
Known worlds Possibly Zebes, otherwise uncertain
Attacks Dive bombing
Weakness(es) Vulnerable non-armored body

Metarees are cousins of the notorious Skrees. However, they succeed their cousins in offense, defense, and speed. The metal armor lining the wings makes them invulnerable to all weapons except Super Missiles, the Screw Attack, or attacks from directly under it. At the same time, the streamlined sharp metal points at the tips of their wings give these creatures both a very powerful attack against many organisms, and a much faster dive-bombing velocity. Despite this, these creatures do not self-destruct like some of their cousins do; instead they always burrow into the ground, releasing damaging shrapnel in their surroundings as they use their pair of wings as a digging drill. These burrows can be observed under a Metaree's roosting site. When Samus kills them, they will explode and launch harmful shrapnel identical to the ones they release when they dig.

The beta demo of Metroid Prime shows that the Shriekbats aboard the Frigate Orpheon were originally called Metarees. The Ice Shriekbat was originally called a Hard Shelled Metaree.


  • Because of their metal armor, it is possible these creatures are not naturally found in the wild. If so, they could be Skrees that have been artificially enhanced, presumably by Space Pirates.
  • The name "Meta" suggests that this is a continuation of technology used for Meta Ridley (if the above theory is true).
  • The Metaree shares similarity with the Cyclaw, such as being another stronger variant of the Skree and possibly an artificial bioform as well.

Official dataEdit

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's GuideEdit

"Metarees are more powerful than Skrees. They dive bomb."


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