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Samus DesignEdit

Course DesignEdit

Game DesignEdit

  • Morisawa Takayasu
  • Matsushita Tadashi
  • Miyamoto Fumiko
  • Sakiyama Chiharu
  • Furuta Norikatsu
  • Momose Hiroshi


Music CompositionEdit

Sound Effect & ProgrammingEdit

Package & Manual DesignEdit



Special ThanksEdit

North American LocalizationEdit

Localization ManagementEdit

NOA Product Testing DepartmentEdit

  • Yoshinobu Mantani
  • Kyle Hudson
  • Eric Bush
  • Randy Shoemake
  • Rich Richardson
  • Thomas Hertzog
  • Michael Leslie
  • Kathy Huguenard
  • David Hunziker
  • Chris Needham
  • Mika Kurosawa

Special ThanksEdit

  • Mike Fukuda
  • Tatsumi Kimishima

Executive ProducerEdit

All rights, including
the copyrights of Game,
Scenario, Music and Program,
reserved by NINTENDO.

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