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A live-action film version of Metroid was reportedly in development by Lion Rock Productions.[1] Warren Zide and Craig Perry of Zide/Perry Entertainment optioned the film rights for Metroid in January 2003, but these rights expired. John Woo then stepped in and said he would develop the movie.[1]

The film was to be based around Samus Aran and her early battles with the Metroids and Mother Brain.[1] A small bit of information was given on the film's plot:

The story is set in a once peaceful galaxy, which has its prosperity shattered by a startling discovery: On a routine mapping expedition of a planet, a survey crew discovers a new airborne life form -- the Metroid. Able to engulf other living beings, feed on their energy, and multiply in great numbers, they prove a terrifying menace. Female bounty hunter Samus Aran is commissioned by the Galactic Federation to eliminate the pests, but she soon discovers that pirates with a stolen Metroid specimen are plotting to breed and build an unstoppable army.[2]

It was scheduled to be released in theaters around 2006,[1] but no further word had been heard about the project since 2004. The Internet Movie Database had a page for the movie, though it has since been removed from the site.

In December 2012, the film's producer Brad Foxhoven revealed in an IGN interview that the film was cancelled in 2007 due to creative disagreements, as Nintendo was hesitant about allowing their franchises to be adapted to film following the failure of the Super Mario Bros. live-action film. Buffy writer David Greenwalt was among many writers hired to write the script for the film, which was intended to focus on the origins of Samus Aran.[3] As her backstory had not been clearly detailed at the time, Nintendo was uncomfortable with allowing an outside studio to write it.

Yoshio Sakamoto stated that he has no intention or desire to adapt Metroid to film himself, and that he would only support such a project if it was directed by Ryuji Kitaura, who directed the CG cutscenes in Metroid: Other M.[1] He re-stated this position in a 2017 interview regarding Metroid: Samus Returns, when asked if he would like to see a live-action adaptation of Metroid, or an animated TV series such as one that was suggested by Adi Shankar.[4]


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