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The Metroid Detector is located on the bottom right corner of the game screen.

The Metroid Detector (also referred to as the Metroid meter in some print) is a technology exclusive to Metroid II: Return of Samus. It appears as a small Metroid in the bottom right corner of the screen, and is used to detect the number of Metroids remaining on planet SR388. Whenever Samus Aran kills one, be it an Alpha, Gamma, Zeta or Omega, the meter will scramble for a few seconds before it decreases the number by one. If the game is paused, the tiny Metroid will be replaced with an "L", indicating how many Metroids are left in the area.

By default, the number is thirty-nine Metroids, however, when Samus is approaching the Queen Metroid, crossing the first scene with the Metroid Egg in Phase 9, the meter raises up to nine, indicating the eight mature Metroids. Although Samus may return after escaping the battle with the Queen, the eight Metroids will not respawn.

Strangely, when the baby is born, the meter does not raise up to one. This implies that the Metroid Detector does not take into account Infant Metroids (for unknown reasons) until these grow to the Larval Metroids more commonly seen in other games. This could also be due to an error in the code, the hatchling's inhostility or because it was never scripted at all. Discounting the hatchling, the meter totals forty-seven Metroids throughout the game.

In Metroid: Samus Returns, the remake of Metroid II, the Detector is now called the Metroid Radar. When a Metroid is nearby, it will begin beeping with its frequency depending on how close Samus is to the Metroid. This is similar to the Motion Trackers used by characters in the Alien films to track the movements of the titular creatures. The Metroid Radar is further enhanced by the Metroid Marker, which is usable if the Metroid amiibo has been scanned. Chozo Seals also indicate the number of Metroids in their given area, as well as the location of their husks.

Official dataEdit

Metroid II manualEdit


The number of Metroids detected on the planet.
This detector can also show other information about Metroids. (Samus Returns)Edit

Metroid Radar
"A convenient tracker located on the bottom of your map that lets you know if there’s a Metroid near you, and how many you have left to kill."

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