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A Metroid Egg, laid by a Queen Metroid, is the first (amniotic) stage of a Metroid, following birth. The first "natural" egg encountered in the series is during the end of Metroid II: Return of Samus, where the baby hatches in front of Samus Aran (the eggs encountered during her previous missions were unnatural).

Artwork depicts a blue-green egg, covered in a membranous substance as well as several green vein-like structures; the appearance differs greatly from the in-game sprites due to the Game Boy's monochrome color scheme. The introduction in Super Metroid gives the egg considerably more detail and even more so in Metroid: Other M.

The Infant Metroid hatches via violent shaking of the egg, and forcibly erupting from it. The embryonic liquid released from the egg appears to rapidly harden. In Super Metroid, the Baby's birthplace has many hatched shells nearby, indicating that this is where the Queen gives birth to her offspring.

Several unnatural Metroid eggs appear in the Prime games being Phazon-infused, and are the first eggs Samus had ever witnessed. These anomalies can be found within the Metroid Processing room on the Pirate Homeworld, and on Phaaze in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. They presumably produce Miniroids and Phazon Metroids. In Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Space Pirates engineered artificial eggs called Metroid Cocoons designed to carry Infant Tallon Metroids.

In Metroid: Other M, Metroid Eggs are seen twice. The first instance is in a flashback of the baby's hatching in Metroid II. The second time, Samus sees several hatched eggs in Room MW of the BOTTLE SHIP shortly before facing the Queen Metroid there. The baby's egg also appears in TV Commercial :60 Spot, the commercial for the game. The appearance of the eggs are different: no longer are they completely covered in the membranous substance, it fuses the egg to the floor, with the vines absent and the egg now being a green color, and the substance being purple. The way they hatch is also different, in that they simply crack and explode, with the Metroid emerging.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force features Metroids and their Eggs in M17: Infestation, where they closely resemble their classic appearance in Metroid II. General Alex Miles requests that the Federation Force bring a Metroid Egg back to the G.F.S. Aegis if possible; doing so is a bonus objective. However, to do this they must charge the Egg into their arm cannons, rendering them unable to shoot unless they drop the Egg, although it can be picked up again. If eggs are recovered, a secret ending will be unlocked showing Sylux breaking into a Federation facility and remotely hatching one of the captured eggs.

Official dataEdit

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption scanEdit

Metroid egg

Metroid Eggs being experimented with on the Pirate Homeworld.

Pirate Homeworld
"Unhatched Metroid eggs have been exposed to alien sustentative chemicals and high radiation levels."
"Target identified: Metroid Egg. Completely saturated with Phazon. Faint life signs detected within."

Matt ManchesterEdit

"I made the metroid eggs specific for this room. I watched the intro to Super Metroid again, and noticed that the fluid inside the egg dries almost instantly when exposed to the air. I created some "hatched" eggs similar to this, with the embryonic fluids hardened immediately in their dripping state."[1]

"What's the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr—"

Non-canon warning: This article or section contains information that may not be considered an official part of the Metroid series in the overall storyline by Nintendo.

Unused scanEdit

Exposure of unhatched metroids to alien sustentative chemicals and levels of radiation has been insightful as to the adaptability and survivability of the organism, even at this early latent state.
Specimens that survive have been observed with greater scrutiny as to their cumulative behavioral augmentations, as well as any affect exposure has to their ability to drain life energy.

Non-canon warning: Non-canonical information ends here.


Pirate Homeworld Metroid Eggs

Egg-like objects seen on the Pirate Homeworld.

  • When Samus first lands on the Pirate Homeworld, extremely large structures can be seen which bear an identical resemblance to the saturated Metroid eggs. It is unknown if these structures actually contain Metroids of any kind or are simply Phazon growths.
  • Curiously, there are incredible amounts of mutated Metroid Eggs on Phaaze, along with hives containing Phazon Metroids (and presumably Miniroids). While it can be assumed that Pirates had brought to the planet a good portion of both Metroids and eggs, the presence of hives (which would logically lead to the production of more eggs) is truly a mystery. Whether or not these eggs were laid by a mutated Metroid providing a role similar to a queen was never revealed.
  • In several areas where the mentioned eggs are located, unknown pulsating cocoons can be found near them.
  • The artwork for the Metroid Egg in Metroid II bears some resemblance to a Xenomorph egg from the Alien franchise.


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