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Metroid Prime: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide is the official strategy guide for Metroid Prime, published by Nintendo. It features an index at the end showing all items and their locations (as well as a page number for more information), and complete maps and a walkthrough for Metroid, included as a bonus in the game.

The guide erroneously states that the Cloaked Drone can be seen with the Thermal Visor, when ingame it cannot be seen without the X-Ray Visor. It also refers to Red Phazon as "radioactive sludge".

The guide was also the first source to give the hint for the Artifact of Truth due to the game making it impossible to get the hint entry. The hint would later be featured in the Metroid Prime Trilogy, visible if a game was restarted in the same slot, as this version retained Logbook entries gathered on previous playthroughs on that slot.

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