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Metroid Prime Staff Credits

Some credits were altered for New Play Control! Metroid Prime, and are noted in parentheses below.

Retro Studios Staff CreditsEdit

Executive ProducerEdit

Senior ProducerEdit


Lead DesignerEdit

  • Mark Pacini (special thanks in New Play Control! Metroid Prime)

Senior DesignersEdit


Lead EngineerEdit

Technical Lead EngineersEdit

Senior EngineersEdit


Lead ArtistEdit

  • Todd Keller (special thanks in New Play Control! Metroid Prime)

Senior ArtistsEdit



Animation LeadEdit

Audio LeadEdit

Audio SupervisorEdit

This section is only present in New Play Control! Metroid Prime.


This section is only present in New Play Control! Metroid Prime.

Sound Designers (Contractors)Edit

Production AssistantEdit

Special ThanksEdit

Additional ContributorsEdit

NCL Staff CreditsEdit

Executive ProducerEdit





Music (Assistant)Edit

Connectivity ProgrammingEdit

Japanese Text ArtEdit

Technical SupportEdit

Supervisor (Samus Model)Edit

Special ThanksEdit

NOA Staff CreditsEdit

Producer (NOA)Edit

Translator/Bilingual CoordinatorEdit




Testing DirectorEdit

Testing ManagerEdit

Testing SupervisorEdit

Testing Project CoordinatorEdit


Testing TechnicianEdit

Translation and AdministrationEdit

This section is only present in New Play Control! Metroid Prime.

Special ThanksEdit

The following thanks are only present in the North American original release.

Retro Studios would also like to thank:
Special thanks from the Retro team to Gunpei Yokoi, original creator of Metroid. (1941-1997): EAD design group: Metroworks, Edward Boeneke, Doug Saylor, Gabe Ahn, Becky Hook, Steve Wells, Bruno Matzdorf: Heather Guerrero Bonikowski, Gypsy, and Brewster: To Shelly and Tanner, for understanding: The Sin Den and Party People: I just want to thank my wife Fran for enduring all the overtime I had to put in: Otis (the bird). I would also like to give a shoot to my little bro Riley Jones. The thought of him playing our game for the first time has been a huge motivating factor for me from day one: My Brother, Rick Kohler, for his support and ability to sniff out opportunity. Jake and Tara Kohler for their excitement and anticipation for playing daddy's games: My wife Rebekah Powell: Grissel, Carah C. Click, Monty, Cappy, Rookie, Chase, The Pallotta Family: Paul Pugh, Ian Pugh, Marjorie Foster: To my wife Cheri and daughter Shae: Jill Leversee, Amanda Sage, Lauren Snow, Jen, Whitney Papadatos: Laurel Keller, Therese Settie: Thanks to all the people who supported me and especially: Robert Mercado, Dr. Alejandro Roura and Magda Bouet: Jared, UG, Casey and the PoCo Crew: Sarah Benedict Louisa Leung: Shalon, for being a supportive wife: Melanie Haigh-Hutchinson, Emma Haigh-Hutchinson, Rachel Haigh-Hutchinson, Diana Koiles, Ronnie Koiles: Anne and Jake: Samantha, Alex and Hannah for their patience: Cathy and Claude Giovannini: Damaris: The Emerald Knights: Rick, Mary, Matt, Graham, and Alec for being so patient, understanding, and supportive: Big brother thanks Ben, Danny, Whitt, Zach, Emily, and Timmy, my biggest supporters!: Brenda Deckard, Todd Keller, Risa Tabata, Gail Tilden, Yoshio Tsuboike, Steve Bond, Greg Coomer, Bill Noland, David Wharton, Laurie Grahms, Marcella Spanogle, Shelly Davies, Apriel Friese, Nick Rudd, Mike Poor, Lisa Powers, Brian Switzer, Bev and Lori Kingery, Lance Mountain, Andrew McKenzie, Sean Booth, and Rob Brown: Randy and Pamela and Raina Harris: I want to thank my wonderful wife Nicole, our children Joran and Madison for their love, support, and understanding.

European LocalizationEdit

Product Localization TeamEdit







Validation and Testing TeamEdit


Prime is Ixcot's only credit.





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