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Metroid Prime 2 Bonus Disc

Game disc.

"Chronicle" redirects here. For the feature in that game, see Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

The Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Bonus Disc was a preview demo for Metroid Prime 2: Echoes on the Nintendo GameCube. The disc contained trailers, an up-to-date history on all of the currently released Metroid games, a slideshow of concept art from Metroid Prime and then Echoes (which is accompanied by the Tallon Overworld theme), and a demo featuring a remixed room layout (compared to the final released game).

The disc was mailed to those on who registered enough games (without a case), and was later bundled with Metroid Prime in new packaging. This new set was then bundled with GameCubes later on.


The gameplay uses twelve rooms from the actual Echoes, in a new layout. Samus Aran starts the demo in front of her Gunship, then after descending the elevator to Agon Wastes she is just outside of the Space Pirate base. The normal sequence of events continue, stopping once the player defeats a pair of Warrior Ing in Dark Aether and steps into a Light Portal.

Chronicle dataEdit

Each game has scrolling text detailing the game's synopsis, its box art (Echoes has its logo instead), a screen with gameplay clips (Metroid II: Return of Samus features a color palette), and a song from the game playing. For Metroid, it is the Brinstar theme, for Metroid: Zero Mission, the series title theme, for Metroid Prime it is Opening/Menu (Metroid Prime), for Echoes it is Dark Echoes, for Metroid II it is the SR388 theme, for Super Metroid it is the Ridley's Lair theme, and for Metroid Fusion it is the theme of Sector 1.


Nintendo Entertainment System, released 1986

A research vessel dispatched by the Galactic
Federation discovers and captures a strange
life-form called a "Metroid" on the planet
SR388. However, on its way back to Federation HQ,
the research vessel is attacked by Space Pirates
who steal the Metroid. Once they discover the
Metroids' ability to multiply through beta ray
exposure, the Space Pirates conspire to make
use of Metroids in their plot to take over the
universe. To stop them, Samus lands on the
Planet Zebes and single-handedly destroys their
underground base -- and their leader, Mother
Brain -- after a series of intense battles.

Metroid: Zero MissionEdit

Metroid: Zero Mission
Game Boy Advance, released 2004

In an expanded look at Samus's first mission to
Zebes, the bounty hunter heads to planet Zebes to
wipe out the Space Pirate threat. However, this
story doesn't end after Samus destroys Mother
Brain -- as she escapes the planet, her ship is
shot down by Space Pirates and she crash-lands
on the surface of Zebes, near where the Space
Pirate mother ship has landed. Having lost her
Power Suit in the crash, Samus must infiltrate
the Space Pirate ship and fight her way off the
planet's surface.

Metroid PrimeEdit

Metroid Prime
Nintendo GameCube, released 2002

A group of Space Pirates who escaped the attack on
planet Zebes begin to rebuild their forces on the
planet Tallon IV, where a strong energy source has
been detected. Discovering that this energy, called
"Phazon," has a capacity to mutate creatures into
more violent forms, the Space Pirates start
experimenting with it on the creatures of Tallon IV. Samus learns of these dangerous biological
experiments and heads to Tallon IV to destroy the
experimental facilities and uncover the
mystery of Phazon.

Metroid Prime 2: EchoesEdit

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Nintendo GameCube, coming 2004

A Galactic Federation ship has disappeared in
pursuit of a band of Space Pirates. At the
request of the Federation, Samus journeys to the
planet Aether, the location of the ship's last
transmission. There, Samus finds herself in an
incredible world where Light and Dark intertwine
in two unstable dimensions. The Light World is
controlled by the Luminoth, a peaceful tribe with
a unique and highly developed civilization.
Their four gigantic energy generators are all
that keep the Light World from collapsing. But
that civilization faces imminent destruction at
the hands of the invading Ing Horde, beings born
of the Dark World. If the Ing seize control of
the generators, the Light World will be extinguished
forever. Samus embarks on her mission to defeat the
Ing and to restore peace to Aether. However, there
is an ominous shadow lurking in the darkness, a
shadow which is quietly stalking Samus.

Metroid II: Return of SamusEdit

Metroid II - Return of Samus
Game Boy, released 1991

A number of research vessels dispatched by the
Galactic Federation to investigate SR388, the
home planet of the Metroids, vanish in succession.
Assuming that the crews have been overcome by the
Metroids living in the planet's caverns, the
Galactic Federation commissions Samus to eradicate
the Metroids. After fighting all types of Metroids,
Samus defeats the Queen Metroid deep underground
and completes her mission. However, unable to
bring herself to destroy a baby Metroid that has
just hatched, Samus takes the hatchling back to
the Space Science Academy.

Super MetroidEdit

Super Metroid
Super Nintendo Entertainment System, released 1994

While the base on planet Zebes is being reconstructed
by a group of Space Pirates who survived the assault
by Samus, Ridley attacks the Space Science Academy
and abducts the baby Metroid, the only one left in
the universe. Congregating at their rebuilt base on
Zebes, the Space Pirates once again concoct a plot
to use Metroids as biological weapons. To retrieve
the Metroid and stop the Space Pirates' evil plans,
Samus once again flies to the planet Zebes. There,
Samus destroys Mother Brain -- thanks to the sacrifice
of the baby Metroid's life -- and escapes just as the
planet Zebes is utterly destroyed by the Space Pirates'
self-destruct program.

Metroid FusionEdit

Metroid Fusion
Game Boy Advance, released 2002

Samus is attacked by an unidentified parasitic
creature called an "X" during a research mission to
study the ecosystem of the planet SR388 -- the planet
she had cleared of Metroids. Samus escapes death
with an injection of a vaccine made from a Metroid,
the only natural predator of X, and heads to the
Biologic Space Labs, where a mysterious explosion has
recently rocked the research facility. Bolstered by
her new genetic link to Metroids, Samus is now the
only being in the universe who can fight the X, so
she sets out to wipe all trace of them from the labs.
However, she's unaware that she's being hunted by
the SA-X, an incredibly powerful enemy mimicking
Samus herself... Will she be able to accomplish
this mission?


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