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Nintendo Software Technology CorporationEdit

Game DirectorEdit

Project CoordinationEdit

Single-Player Game DesignEdit

Wi-Fi Game DesignEdit

Multiplayer Game DesignEdit


Technical Programming LeadEdit

Programming LeadEdit

AI ProgrammingEdit

Enemy ProgrammingEdit

Audio ProgrammingEdit

Network / Multiplayer ProgrammingEdit

Additional ProgrammingEdit

Tools Department LeadEdit

World Editor ToolEdit

Menu ToolEdit

Art DirectorEdit

Special EffectsEdit

Environment LeadEdit

Environment ArtEdit

Environment / Game ObjectsEdit

Animation LeadEdit


Character ModelingEdit

UI Design / ArtEdit

Promotional ArtEdit

In-Game Camera SequencesEdit

Sound Design / Music / VoiceEdit


Special ThanksEdit

Nintendo Company, Ltd.Edit

Executive ProducerEdit



Special ThanksEdit

Nintendo Of AmericaEdit

Senior Product SpecialistEdit

Vice President, EngineeringEdit

Director of Product TestingEdit

Product Testing Sr. ManagerEdit

Product Testing ManagerEdit

Product Testing SupervisorsEdit

Bilingual Product TesterEdit

Text EditingEdit

Product TestersEdit

Senior Project CoordinatorEdit

Project CoordinatorEdit

Communications CoordinatorEdit

Special ThanksEdit

Nintendo Of EuropeEdit


Testing CoordinatorEdit

Testing TeamEdit

NOE Wi-Fi TeamEdit

German TranslationEdit

French Translation Edit

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