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Nintendo Software Technology CorporationEdit

Game DirectorEdit

Project CoordinationEdit

  • Wing S. Cho
  • Hiroto Alexander

Single-Player Game DesignEdit

Wi-Fi Game DesignEdit

  • Wing S. Cho

Multiplayer Game DesignEdit

  • Jonathan Johnson
  • Michael Harrington
  • Chris Donovan


  • Richard Vorodi

Technical Programming LeadEdit

  • Colin Reed

Programming LeadEdit

  • Jonathan Johnson

AI ProgrammingEdit

  • David Devaty

Enemy ProgrammingEdit

Audio ProgrammingEdit

  • Rory Johnston

Network / Multiplayer ProgrammingEdit

  • Cory O'Regan
  • Jonathan Bryant

Additional ProgrammingEdit

  • Scott Bassett

Tools Department LeadEdit

  • Satoru Hosogai

World Editor ToolEdit

  • Alexander Van Berg

Menu ToolEdit

  • Clark Morse
  • Corey Ross

Art DirectorEdit

  • Michael Harrington

Special EffectsEdit

  • Edward Barkley

Environment LeadEdit

  • Alain Schneuwly

Environment ArtEdit

  • Chris Donovan
  • Chris L. Miller
  • Katie Clark

Environment / Game ObjectsEdit

  • Edward Sherman

Animation LeadEdit


  • Oscar Nebres
  • Mark Trono

Character ModelingEdit

  • David Lee Phemister
  • Oscar Nebres
  • Mark Trono

UI Design / ArtEdit

Promotional ArtEdit

  • Kunitake Aoki

In-Game Camera SequencesEdit

  • Dwight Hwang

Sound Design / Music / VoiceEdit

  • Lawrence Schwedler
  • James Phillipsen


Special ThanksEdit

  • Andrew Jones
  • John Layman
  • Darren Lamb
  • Bryan Meagher
  • Mike Keough
  • Jared Carew

Nintendo Company, Ltd.Edit

Executive ProducerEdit



Special ThanksEdit

Nintendo Of AmericaEdit

Senior Product SpecialistEdit

  • Jeff Gilbert

Vice President, EngineeringEdit

Director of Product TestingEdit

  • Shuji Hashimoto

Product Testing Sr. ManagerEdit

Product Testing ManagerEdit

Product Testing SupervisorsEdit

Bilingual Product TesterEdit

  • Mika Kurosawa

Text EditingEdit

Product TestersEdit

Senior Project CoordinatorEdit

  • Robert Johnson

Project CoordinatorEdit

Communications CoordinatorEdit

  • Tomoko Mikami

Special ThanksEdit

Nintendo Of EuropeEdit


Testing CoordinatorEdit

  • Alessio Danieli

Testing TeamEdit

  • Francisco Jiménez
  • Marianna Sacra
  • Michele Liuzzi
  • Sonia Trepiccioni

NOE Wi-Fi TeamEdit

  • Kai Zeh
  • Alexander Kuhl

German TranslationEdit

French Translation Edit

  • Thomas Fougeray

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