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Wikitroid is a community that aims to create the best resource for Metroid, a series of video games produced by Nintendo.

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  • ...that evidence points to James Pierce being the Deleter?
  • ...that Samus appears sleeping in Peach's Castle in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars?
  • ...that for Samus to use the Power Suit, it requires a great deal of mental concentration?

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Metroid EX is a sequel series to Samus and Joey. It ran for 12 issues from May 2004 - April 2005. Metroid EX was never made available in volumes like Samus and Joey, and it only exists in the original Comic Bom Bom magazines, making it a much more rare print. The Metroid Database first released their unofficial scan and translation project on April 25th, 2015. The manga centers around Samus Aran, who lost her Power Suit upgrades to Greed, a creature of the same species as her nemesis Ridley, in the final chapter of the previous manga. EX follows her efforts to recover them in perilous adventures across the Extreme Galaxy, with the help of Joey Apronika and Diesel.

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