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Did You Know...

  • ...that the SA-X's artificial intelligence coding in Metroid Fusion is easily manipulated, despite it being described as an "intelligent being"?
  • ...that the RB176 Ferrocrusher resembles the loader from the film Aliens, which was a source of inspiration for the Metroid games?
  • ...that Metroids will not evolve into the next stage of their natural life cycle if not on their home planet of SR388?
  • ...that Air Holes resemble Warp Pipes in Super Mario Bros.?


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Zero Suit Samus and Adam 3

The relationship between Samus Aran and Commander Adam Malkovich is a key element to the plots of Metroid: Other M and Metroid Fusion.

The exact nature of the relationship has varied. In Fusion, Samus reflects on Adam rather fondly. She names her new AI Commanding Officer after Adam, but quickly grows to revile it for lacking his compassion, especially after it chastises her for destroying the Restricted Laboratory. Late in the game, when the computer informs Samus the Galactic Federation is coming to capture the SA-X, Samus calls it Adam. Having not disclosed her private nickname to the computer, it becomes confused for a minute. After a brief argument, the computer regains control of itself and reveals it actually contains the consciousness of the real Adam. In Other M, Samus confesses in her monologues that she viewed Adam as her "best friend" and a father figure. She at one point finds herself concerned with Adam's view of her, knowing that he, a staunch opponent of bioweapons, would have strongly condemned her final act from the SR388 Metroid extermination, of sparing the baby and providing it for scientific study. Anthony Higgs seems to take note of Samus' chemistry with Adam, as he asks her at one point how she feels about him.

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