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  • ...that the SA-X's artificial intelligence coding in Metroid Fusion is easily manipulated, despite it being described as an "intelligent being"?
  • ...that the RB176 Ferrocrusher resembles the loader from the film Aliens, which was a source of inspiration for the Metroid games?
  • ...that Metroids will not evolve into the next stage of their natural life cycle if not on their home planet of SR388?
  • ...that Air Holes resemble Warp Pipes in Super Mario Bros.?

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Mech suits are large suits of mechanized armor worn by Federation Marines in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Multiple designs appear in the game, suited for different purposes. The Mech suits are notably similar to Samus Aran's Power Suit. Their armaments are very similar to Samus' Power Beam, complete with Charge Beam capabilities, and their Heads-Up Display also strongly resembles Samus'. This may indicate that they are the Galactic Federation's attempt at reverse-engineering the Power Suit, as shown in unused concept art for Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Despite this, they are much larger and bulkier than Samus' suit, standing nearly 3 times the height of a Federation Marine. This additional bulk seems to prevent them from using abilities like the Space Jump, but Mechs are able to hover in the air briefly via the use of built-in jets.

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