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Metroid and Me (by Samus Aran) is a promotional trailer for Metroid: Other M. On May 20, 2010, new footage was posted to YouTube that featured the Other M intro scene depicting Super Metroid's ending, with scenes from the original version placed in for comparison. After this, Samus is seen in her gunship; this is the scene where she picks up the distress signal "Baby's Cry" from the Bottle Ship. It was later revealed to be a retrospective on the Japanese Nintendo Channel, narrated by Samus. The video covers the events prior to Other M, in Metroid (curiously, instead of the remake Metroid: Zero Mission), Metroid II: Return of Samus and Super Metroid. It completely disregards the Prime Series and Metroid Fusion (the latter is the chronological sequel to Other M). On August 17, 2010, just two weeks before the release of the game, a translation was posted on It is relatively the same as before, although the game cartridges and systems shown have been changed, as well as the music from Metroid, due to regional differences. Other differences include the removal of a clip of Samus in Super Metroid, opening her eye. Another clip that was removed consisted of Samus destroying Mother Brain in the Other M recreation. The latter is replaced with an additional clip of gameplay throughout the series as Samus recounts that Mother Brain (Other M depiction), the Space Pirates (Ridley in Metroid is depicted), the Metroids (in their most recognizable stage in Return of Samus) and Zebes (Samus running on the Crateria Landing Site in Super Metroid is depicted) were eradicated from the galaxy forever.

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