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Super Metroid box

Super Metroid is viewed as the game that started this genre.

Metroidvania is a genre of 2-D or 2.5D platforming action-adventure games that emphasize non-linear exploration and story, with access to new areas restricted until new abilities are gained. The player often comes across obstacles that require an extra ability, and must find this ability before backtracking to the obstacle. The word "Metroidvania" is a portmanteau of Metroid and Castlevania, two game series that are credited with creating this genre.[1]

Super Metroid was universally acclaimed upon release and was said to have revolutionized gaming. Beginning with Symphony of the Night, Castlevania games borrowed influences from Super Metroid. The 2004 indie game Cave Story, another pivotal game in the Metroidvania genre was inspired in part by Metroid, one of the childhood favorite games of the director Daisuke Amaya. Metroid-like enemies called Jellies, which have a queen appear in the game. [2]

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