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Miiverse is a Wii U empathy network which allows users to share screenshots, drawings, emotional states, and text discussions relating to various games and Wii U applications. Other users can respond with their own text and drawings, as well as "Yeahs" and emotive Mii expressions. Some of these communities are region-specific, but are still accessible by all regions. In addition, some communities have sub-communities for updates and developer posts.

Officially-recognized individuals, often Nintendo employees, have a green checkmark on their Mii. These users have the ability to share videos. Communities unrelated to specific software may be created, such as the Zelda series community. Some software includes built-in Miiverse capabilities, such as Nintendo Land, which requests Miiverse posts following the end of a game and displays other users in the park, including a Miiverse post and completion status.

Miiverse receives frequent minor updates, though a major update is planned that will allow usage on other devices on-the-go.

Nintendo LandEdit

The Nintendo Land community launched alongside the game and Wii U console. If a post is made in-game, the current gamepark will be noted in the post, such as Metroid Blast.

Super MetroidEdit

Beginning May 15, the Super Metroid Miiverse community became available alongside the Virtual Console game update.

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