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Missile Blocks are a type of destructible block that appear in Metroid Fusion and Metroid: Zero Mission. Missile Blocks appear identical to other blocks around them, unless uncovered by a Morph Ball Bomb or Power Bomb. Missiles can destroy them, as can the shock waves from Diffusion Missiles. Though not actually featured in the Prime Series, there is an object of similar nature called Brinstone, which is also weak against Missiles. It is possible that the Blocks are made of the same materials, but it is never specified. Also, Super Missiles can destroy these blocks if Missiles are not accessible.

Official dataEdit

Metroid Fusion manualEdit

Missle Block MF "Use Missiles to remove these blocks."

Metroid Zero Mission manualEdit

Missle Block MZM "These blocks are immune to all weapons except Samus' Missiles."

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