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Missile Station Prime

Samus replenishes her Missile supply at the Chozo Ruins.

Missile Stations restore all of Samus Aran's Missiles. They were found in Super Metroid and Metroid Prime, though were later replaced by Recharge Stations and Ammo Stations. When it starts to replenish Samus' missiles the central wheel will begin to turn and a gold light will shine out of the slots in the wheel. Missile Stations are very rare in both games. However, in Super Metroid, these will not restore Super Missiles; only regular ones.

In Metroid II: Return of Samus, Missile Batteries acted as a precursor. The Missile Stations of Super Metroid seem to contain Missile Batteries.

In Metroid Prime, there are Missile Stations in the Chozo Ruins (part of Hall of the Elders), in the Phazon Mines (Missile Station Mines) and curiously in the Impact Crater (Crater Missile Station).

In Other M, the Navigation Booths can be used as Missile Stations and restore all of Samus's Missiles.


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