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A Mission File number is occasionally seen before the start of some missions taken by Samus Aran. The numbers do not seem to correlate with chronology, so the system for assigning them is unknown.

Metroid Prime HuntersEdit

--- Mission File 79019 ---

"The secret to Ultimate Power
lies in the Alimbic Cluster."

--- Data Confirmation ---

This repeating neural thread,
originating from an uncharted
region of the Tetra Galaxy known
as the Alimbic Cluster, was
recently intercepted and
translated by federation empaths.

--- Rogue Contract ---

1. Discover the meaning behind this
mysteriuos telepathic message.

2. If the "Ultimate Power" can
be secured, ensure federation

3. If the power cannot be secured,
ensure that it remains secret or
destroy it.

--- Potential Complications ---

This operation must remain covert.
The Tetra Galaxy is outside of
federation-controlled space, and
the Alimbic Cluster is a wild and
uncharted region.

While we have kept our
communications classified, we know
other entities have intercepted the

The lure of Ultimate Power will
be irresistible to many. Disposition
of rival interests is presumed

Uploading known coordinates_

Metroid Prime 2: EchoesEdit

--- Mission File 02546 ---
8 days ago, contact with Galactic
Federation trooper squad Bravo was lost.

--- Contract Agreement ---
Locate Federation troopers and render

--- Data Confirmation ---
Last transmission received from a rogue
planet located in the Dasha region called

Uploading last known coordinates now._

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