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Motion Controls, also known as Config A, are a control configuration in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. It is the default control scheme for players who have a basic Nintendo 3DS without a Circle Pad Pro, or a New Nintendo 3DS, which has a right analog aiming stick built into it. Using Motion Controls, players can aim by holding the R button and tilting the 3DS, which is somewhat similar to the controls of the original Metroid Prime. However, unlike Prime, movement is possible while freely aiming. With this control scheme, Federation Force members can lock-on to enemies and aim freely at the same time, as with the Wii versions of the Prime Series games.

Control SchemeEdit

  • Movement: Control Stick
  • Fire: A
  • Charge Shot: Hold A
  • Jump: B
  • Lock-on: L
  • Free aim: R + system movement
  • Sidestep: L or R + Control Stick left/right+B
  • Messaging: D-pad
  • Display pause menu: Start


  • Revive a teammate: Press A repeatedly
  • Specialized actions (interact): Hold A
  • Hover: Hold B
  • Switch AUX ammo: X
  • Fire AUX ammo: Y

Blast BallEdit

Official dataEdit


"Walking a mammoth hunk of steel around might seem a bit intimidating at first, but rest assured, these mechanical bad boys are a breeze to steer, and thanks to an intuitive targeting system, easy to fight with as well. Just aim with the Nintendo 3DS system's gyroscope or use the C-Stick on the New Nintendo 3DS system for dual-analog control, then blast those bad guys back where they came from!"


"When using Config A, moving
your system while pressing [R] will
also move your weapon sights in
the game.

Motion Controls

When playing this game, you may
have to move the Nintendo 3DS
system around. Make sure you
have enough room before
playing, and hold the system
firmly with both hands while
playing. Do not move the system
with excessive force, as this
could cause injuries, damage to
the product, or damage to
nearby objects."