A Moto is a creature native to SR388 that is found in Metroid II: Return of Samus and Metroid Fusion. They have a mask-like structure with horns at the top covering their faces. In Metroid II, their Artificial Intelligence is to walk to the right a set amount and then to walk to the left the same amount. Their backside is most vulnerable to attack. In Metroid Fusion they were infected and/or mimicked by X like the majority of the creatures on-board the BSL Station. These Moto-X have a more menacing look to their facial structure. If it sees Samus, it will charge at her. Shooting enough at its backside or shooting a Missile or Charge Beam shot anywhere on its body will kill it.

In Samus Returns they charge in a straight line towards Samus, which can be deflected.



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