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Name Glitch

Entering a percent sign (%) in front of each letter in a name can adversely affect the game. An example of this is %e.

The name glitch is a glitch in Metroid Prime Hunters. It is caused by putting a percent sign (%) in front of each letter in a name, although it does not always work. It can adversely affect the game, by replacing the name with scrolling text that appears to be the output of a C fprintf(name, num) function (where the top 32 bits of num are 0x0000001e and the lower 32 bits cannot be ascertained without looking at the game's code directly). It can crash the game entirely if it attempts to write nothing (%n). It is not known to directly affect battles.

Name Effects
%a Changes to 0x1.0000a0000001ep-1023.
%c Changes into blank space.
%d Changes to 30.
%e Changes to 2.121996e-313.
%f Changes to 0.000000.
%g Changes to 2.122e-313.
%i Changes to 30
%n Crashes the game.
%o Changes to 36.
%p Changes to 0x0000001e.
%s Crashes the game.
%u Changes to 30.
%x Changes to 1e.

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