The Namihe is a stationary creature found in the deepest parts of the planet Zebes. It is found stuck in the walls of extremely hot caverns where it will constantly spit blue-hot fireballs. Namihes are very much the same as Funes except for their large, red eyes; they also spit fireballs at a much faster rate. In Super Metroid, Namihes are completely indestructible, but they can still be frozen for a shorter duration than other creatures.

Metroid: Other MEdit

In Metroid: Other M, as Samus explores the Biosphere, a Namihe comes out of the unknown and rushes at her. She is able to jump over it and the Namihe soon leaves. Later, Samus encounters both a Fune and a Namihe together as a boss battle.

Zoom of Namihe (from Metroid Other M Gallery)

The Namihe gallery picture from Metroid: Other M


The Namihe from the Fune and Namihe boss battle.

As previously mentioned, the Namihes seen in the BSL Station and in the BOTTLE SHIP can extend their bodies and exit their nesting holes (revealing themselves to be worm-like beings) respectively, contrary to the original variant which was a seemingly passive predator back on Zebes. It is possible that Galactic Federation researchers modified the physiology and/or behavior of natural Namihes to turn them into efficient bioweapons.

Metroid FusionEdit

Later, Samus finds Namihes on the Biologic Space Laboratories research station in both Sector 3 and one part of the Habitation Deck; these Namihes, however, are either infected by X Parasites or are actually X mimics. The X versions of the Namihe have extendable necks and will lunge at Samus when she approaches. They can also spit fireballs at an angle whenever their target is out of their lunge attack's reach. These Namihe-X are much less heavily armored than their uninfected counterparts, as Samus can kill them with Missiles or charged shots.


Two Namihe-X in Sector 3.

Because many Fune-X change into Namihe-X after a certain point in Metroid Fusion, it is very possible that Funes are young Namihes. This is supported by the fact that Namihes have eyes while Funes do not seem to possess any, suggesting that their eyes have yet to develop.


  • The Namihe's appearance, as well as its lunging attack (along with the Fune), may be a reference to the inner jaw of the Alien in the Alien film franchise, a series that Metroid was heavily based on.

Official dataEdit

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's GuideEdit

Enemy Data Description
Color HP ATK E BE M SM PB Norfair. They spit fast, blue fireballs from their mouths.
Normal 20 10 31 31 31 2 2