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Biosphere Navigation Booth HD

A Biosphere Navigation Booth

Navigation Booths are communication areas in Metroid: Other M. They double as Save Stations, Map Stations and Missile Stations and, aside from her gunship, are the only places where Samus Aran can restore all of her energy and refill her missiles. They are the only way for the Galactic Federation 07th Platoon to communicate with one another when not together, due to the malfunction of their comm systems. This, however, does not work for Samus as hers is still functional. This makes them similar to Navigation Rooms and Samus' Gunship in Metroid Fusion.

Auxiliary Power Navigation Booth HD

A Navigation Booth with auxiliary power

In order to activate the station, Samus needs to stand on the platform without any beams charged. Once activated, the Bottle Ship P.A. Announcer will sound and say, "Data recording and shield-restoration sequence activated." and after saving is complete, "Sequence complete. Process successful." When Samus visits a target Navigation Booth farther on into the area, an additional part of the map is revealed after saving, and Samus' next objective will be shown on the map. This feature is used in Map Stations and the aforementioned Navigation Rooms.

On-screen tutorialEdit

Stand on the platform to save the game.


  • One room in the Biosphere has an extra exit; a part of the wall to the Navigation Booth's side is susceptible to Bomb/Missile fire.
  • The first navigation booth encountered is at first dark, if Samus saves while it is dark, the light is orange and not the usual green.


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