Navigation Room

Samus Aran accessing a Navigation Room in Metroid Fusion

On the Biologic Space Laboratories research station, Navigation Rooms allow Samus Aran to receive orders from Adam. These orders are often accompanied with updates to Samus's map that show the location of the room she has to reach. Additionally, each time Samus accesses a Navigation Room in an area she has not visited before, she is provided with a map of the area (excluding any hidden rooms).

Beta Fusion 19

Beta Navigation Room. These originally resembled typical Save/Recharge Stations, with the floating platform of the former. How Samus would have connected with Adam is unknown.

One or both hatches of each Navigation Room are often locked to prevent Samus from advancing until she has heard Adam's briefing. These locked hatches also prevent her from returning to previous areas until her objective is completed. Samus can review her current objectives at any time by using a Navigation Room.


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