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A neural thread is form of telepathic message capable of traveling at far faster than lightspeed over increadible distances. The only beings known to be capable of "receiving" a neural thread are empaths, although others may possess that ability as well. The only neural thread known to have been sent contained the text "THE SECRET TO ULTIMATE POWER LIES IN THE ALIMBIC CLUSTER"- it is unknown if information other than text can be included in these threads. Although that message was somehow "traced" to the above cluster (either through specific origin information included with the message itself or because the nature of a neural thread allows its origin to be traced by the receiver), it is unknown exactly what entity sent it: both the Alimbic Elders and Gorea resided in the Cluster and possessed powerful psionic abilities.

The text of the message is also found on the Port Helm and Starboard Helm in the Celestial Archives. It is unknown why it is displayed on those consoles- it is possible that whatever entity was responsible for the message somehow used the Helm equipment to transmit it, or that the systems onboard the Archives were capable of intercepting the message and displaying it on the consoles automatically. The Starboard Helm scan also states that "binary irregularities indicate the message was broadcast telepathically", implying that neural threads can also be broadcast non-telepathically.

Logbook entriesEdit

Starboard Helm

Logbook entry

THE SECRET TO ULTIMATE POWER LIES WITHIN THE ALIMBIC CLUSTER." Binary irregularities indicate the message was broadcast telepathically.

Port Helm

Logbook entry


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